In search of a little intercourse guidance along with your snaps? On Saturday,
MTV established its very first Snapchat series
, known as

Trousers Off

. Hosted by
intercourse instructor and vlogger Laci Green
(the person you may already know on the internet collection


), the series will cover numerous topics linked to intercourse and interactions, all in brief, snappable parts.

Shorts Off

dominate MTV’s Take a look at channel
every Saturday for just two several months; attacks will stay on route for a-day before proceeding over to YouTube. In this previous week-end’s first event, Green centered on gender advice — both the good, while the resoundingly, horrifyingly terrible.

Trousers Off

characteristics numerous quick snippets, such as celebrity interviews, graphics, and on-the-street interviews. Within this episode, Green interviews

Grasp of not one

‘s Lena Waithe about good and bad intercourse guidance she is received. On the “worst” record: hearsay advising ladies to utilize Sprite — yes, SPRITE — as a douche. (I’ve now observed the clip 3 x, and I still are unable to wrap my personal head all over idea of spraying soda into your snatch to “make certain everything’d be great.” Anytime I attempt to envision it, my personal brain stutters to an end. Features anybody ever before actually


this?). Waithe’s “good intercourse advice” comes from

Dawson’s Creek

, naturally, which shows that she’s naturally amazing (for those who did not realize that about the woman already).

Green and Co. show different crucial sex ideas, such as it’s crucial that you speak about gender freely, that you ought to spend some time with things, and you must not be concerned with tags like “virgin.” Additionally, beware of drawn muscles!


And be careful with adult sex toys!

The very best information it is possible to receive about sex is actually that it’s a regular part of person existence, and not something that you should feel strange or shameful about. “Sexuality is actually a part of existence,” Green clarifies. “And sexual joy is actually essential to health and contentment the majority men and women. The greater honestly we are able to speak about it, the more we are able to accept aside intimate selves, and also the healthier the whole world can be.” Preach, girl!

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